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After a month spent push-starting their ’91 Suzuki Sidekick in the rains of winter, Heather Epp and her boyfriend, Jack, could see an answer to their problems: A tax refund anticipation loan, which they hoped would let them get their hands on their refund money in a day or two so they could buy a rebuilt starter motor.

The former millworker and the mother of two went to Liberty Tax Service on Springfield’s Gateway Street, one of a growing number of tax preparation franchises in Eugene-Springfield that market their services to low-wage tax filers.

Liberty Tax Service, which attracts attention with people in Statue of Liberty costumes dancing and waving signs on street corners, opened a third outlet in Eugene-Springfield this year. Jackson Hewitt Tax Service has set up temporary cubicles inside all three local Wal-Mart stores, with this offer: “The money you need in as little as a day.”

What these companies offer are short-term loans secured by the taxpayer’s anticipated tax refund.

The loan fees range from about $70 to $110 — in addition to the companies’ fees of $100 to $300 to prepare the customer’s tax return. Consequently, the customer pays the annualized equivalent of 50 percent to 500 percent interest for loans of one or two weeks in duration, according to a study by the National Consumer Law Center.

The loans are big business for the tax preparers and the third-party banks that make the loans, bringing in about $800 million a year, according to the law center.

But financial professionals are not fans of the loans, which they say can wind up costing low-income consumers too much money.

And, with the advent of e-filing and direct deposit, taxpayers no longer have to wait weeks for refunds when they file their tax returns themselves, Eugene financial counselor Mike Mercer said.

“The (companies’) big sales pitch is, ‘You get your money faster,’ and you really don’t get it a whole lot faster,” he said. “You pay a whole lot of fees to get it two or three days faster.”

The majority of consumers who take out the refund loans are low-wage workers, said Janas Durkee, associate director for income at the United Way of Lane County. “Low-wage employees need every dime they can get; every single dime,” she said.

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Payday loans are very popular nowadays especially with our current economic client. Since a whole lot of individuals are in great need of money, submitting an application via the internet is the best method to obtain them without many problems and concerns. There are a whole lot of online payday loan websites that you can visit. All that is required is that you fill out a straightforward application which includes some personal financial  information such your employment status along with credit information. There are a few companies that also will need you to give some personal references but this is the exception rather than the rule.

The primary reason why many individuals like payday personal loans is mainly because the loan providers have very minimal requirements. The following are the requirements:

1. Have a permanent employment for the last three months.

2. Net earnings on a weekly basis of approximately $800.

3. An active and valid checking account for the last three months.

4. Applicant must be 18 years of age or older.

When you meet the above prerequisites you should have no trouble being accepted for your payday loan.  {As part of the application proces the payday lender will be checking your prior credit history for such things as previous loans and other financial information will show therefore you will not be able to escape your financial prior history.  }As part of the checking of your financial background the lender will check any banking history of NSF (non-sufficient funding)  as well as whether you possess any outstanding loans.

Some individuals who have unfavorable credit ratings, zero credit, or a individual bankruptcy history believe it is hard to apply for loans both of the short and long term variety. What is appealing about pay day loan lenders is that they tend to be more lenient and give people who have poor credit these type of loans. Internet based loan providers avoid the use of credit reporting from Equifax, TRW and Experian but alternatively use consumer information and facts from Tele – Track. The use of Tele-Track is crucial because they just provide information on your banking history (checking and savings) NSF’s, and your existing pay day loans and do not dwelve into credit card information or concerns like overdue payments. In order to avoid rejection of applications, you have to give only accurate personal information.

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